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Shanghai Quanray Electronics Technology Co., LTD. - the world's leading provider of all frequency RFID hardware solutions. As Asia's first, the world's fourth through the EPC Global chip compatibility/label interoperability dual certification company, Quanray Electronics has a full range of chip electronic tag and a read and write device product line, business covers asset management, industrial manufacturing, logistics, retail, mobile communication, health& education,  merchandise anti-counterfeiting, aerospace, and many other areas, providing service for many years in China, Japan, the United States, Europe and other Global customers.Quanray Electronics has the world's leading RF circuit, micropower circuit, RF antenna design technology and reader technology based on software radio. It has national AUTO ID laboratory, national key laboratory of special-purpose integrated circuit of Fudan University, National Second-Generation ID card and Shanghai public traffic card chip principal designer and senior SOC architect. Up to now, it has applied for more than 120 patents, and has authorized 90 patents. It is a global leader in the field of RFID. ...





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